Frequently Asked Questions

What is Imagine?

Imagine is the name of our organization and of our game system that we publish. The game system is of the tabletop variety, which is usually played by a group of people, sitting around a table, using paper, pencils and lots of dice. Role-playing games in general all share some common elements. They all usually have one of the people gathered at the table play the job of the game master (also called the storyteller or referee) and the other people playing are all participants/players in the game itself. They have characters that interact with the story being told by the Game Master.

Our game system is a high-fantasy role playing game. This means that the game takes place in a pseudo-mythical, mystical world that is inhabited by races and creatures of every make and size. The players of the game all have characters that they "pretend" to be as they interact with this fantasy world. The game master tells the story and makes judgments or rule calls on the manner in which game play turns out.

The Imagine Role Playing System™ is the structure or rules to which game play adheres. The system allows characters to try just about any action imaginable but keeps a sense of coherence and logic about the way play develops. If you would like to find out more about the Imagine Role Playing System™, come talk to us on Discord. Here you can ask any additional questions you may have.

If you are looking to purchase a copy of our game you can place an order from our Online Store, or you can simply go there to see more on what particular products we have to offer.

Why don't you supply a conversion process from other fantasy role-playing games into the Imagine Role Playing System™?

Two reasons: feasibility and legal issues. While some basic concepts might be able to be directly translated from another role playing system, the Imagine Role Playing System™ has more expanded rules that other role playing systems and it would be impossible to directly convert into or out of the Imagine Role Playing System™ without losing detail along the way.

I want to setup an Imagine fan website. Will Imagine Role Playing support this site? What are the restrictions?

Yes, Imagine Role Playing does support fan sites. Check out the Online Usage Policy found elsewhere in this FAQ.

Hey, where are all of the critters? Are you working on a creature compendium?

We have already released three bestiaries and are currently hard at work on several more. Aspects of the Wild, Epitaph of the Fallen, and Legends of the Unknown are available now. The Master's Manual also contains a creation system for GMs to create their own creatures.

I have a copy of the Player's Guide and/or Master's Manual that says 'Limited Edition'. What does that mean?

The "Limited Edition" Player's Guide and Master's Manual are just that -- a limited number of those books (350 and 500 respectively) were printed. A good deal of feedback was received about improving and adding rules which has be incorporated into the new release printing of these books. The non-Limited Edition books do not have an edition designation as there are no plans to have a 1st edition, 2nd edition etc. (Note: The limited editions of the Player's Guide and Master's Manual both have a black and white logo on their covers.)

Web Privacy Statement

While we aggregate information may be gathered from web server logs (such as the number of hits on the site), this information will not be tied to any specific individual. Specific information (such as name, email address or mailing address) will not be collected without your knowledge. When personal information is collected, the need for the information will be obvious (i.e. a mailing address is needed to ship product or your email address when posting on the discussion boards). Unless presented with a legal court order or your permission is given (which will be obvious when it is given), personal information collected will not be redistributed in any way outside of Imagine Role Playing.

Online Usage Policy

Can I create a fan page?

Yes, as long as the following are adhered to:

  1. The usage is used to enhance the Imagine Role Playing System™ and not defame (such as slander or libel).
  2. Trademarks are properly tagged when used as belonging to Imagine Role Playing:
    "The Imagine Role Playing System is a trademark of Imagine Role Playing and is used with permission."
    "The Imagine Role Playing logo is a trademark of Imagine Role Playing and is used with permission."
  3. The fan site is linked back to the Imagine Role Playing webpage.

I'm not making any money from my activities, so do intellectual property rights still apply to me?

Yes. Just because you aren't selling it doesn't mean it's not a violation of copyright, trademark or intellectual property rights. Copyrighted material (such as game rules) are not to be used without permission. This is not the time to be testing the theory of whether it is easier to ask for permission than forgiveness. When in doubt, please just ask.

Can I create and distribute an online text game (a MUD, MOO or anything of the sort) or an online graphical/3D game that uses the Imagine Role Playing System™?

Yes, as long as you first receive permission (in the form of a license agreement) from Imagine Role Playing.

Can I create and distribute a player aid like a character generator?

Yes, as long as you first receive permission (in the form of a license agreement) from Imagine Role Playing.

Can I use the Imagine Role Playing logo or any Imagine-related illustrations on clothing?


Can I create and distribute an Imagine Role Playing-based desktop theme for a computer operating system?

Yes, as long as you first receive permission (in the form of a license agreement) from Imagine Role Playing and adhere to established guidelines.

Can I redistribute forms and worksheets that Imagine Role Playing has given permission to copy?

Yes. The forms and worksheets designated as such in the Player's Guide and the Master's Manual are meant to be copied and widely used. However, no other part of either book may be copied or distributed without explicit permission from Imagine Role Playing.

Can I distribute new races, classes, skills, spells, invocations and magic items that I created?

Yes, as long as the proper authorship is clearly designated.

Can I distribute blank forms (such as a creature design form) and sheets (such as a character sheet) that I created?


Can I distribute situations, scenarios, adventures, campaigns, modules or worlds that I've created?

Yes, as long as certain guidelines are adhered to:

  1. On the cover of such material, the following must be stated: "For use with the Imagine Role Playing System™".
  2. On the title page or legal page, the following must be stated: "Written by [insert author's name here], created without license from Imagine Role Playing"
  3. "The Imagine Role Playing System™ is copyrighted to and used with general permission from Imagine Role Playing"

Can I use illustrations on my website that are found on the Imagine Role Playing website?

Yes, as long as the illustrations are clearly designated for that purpose. All of the content of the Imagine Role Playing website is copyrighted by Imagine Role Playing and may not be used without permission. There is a package of illustrations available for use by people on their fan sites available here.

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